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I have 2 granddaughters 6 & 8 and have received a disturbing

Resolved Question:

I have 2 granddaughters 6 & 8 and have received a disturbing email from their mother saying that she would not give them the halloween T-shirts I sent them. She also indicated that she told the school and neighbors I should not be around them. I am not sure if she showed them a picture of me. I continue to send them cards and small gifts because I want them to always know I loved them and never forgot them. The message and situation are not new and started 6-7 yrs ago. I begged them to discuss it with me but they wont. This is my only family & I am devastated. However, what disturbs me now is her increased aggressiveness & tone and how she has been talking to many other people about me. I am a medical professional and reputation is critical. She will not talk to me directly. At what point do I need to consider an attorney & how do I find one who has experience with this situation? I have no criminal/civil record, was a loving mom to my married son & live near Phila,PA. Please help me
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 8 years ago.
Hi there:

may I presume that the mother and grandkids are in PA as well?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes. They do.
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 8 years ago.
Hi again:

when was the last time that you had contact with the kids?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I saw them 12/2005. I went to a Christmas concert they had at their school. I only saw them for 15-20 min but atleast I got some pictures.





Expert:  Brandon M. replied 8 years ago.
Last questions (probably):

(1) have you ever been the primary caretaker of the kids? (2) are the kids' parents married?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

no, never primary caretaker

kids are 6 & 8


Expert:  Brandon M. replied 8 years ago.
are the kids' parents married?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

unfortunately my son is still married to this cruel girl and he goes with the flow to the point where he does exactly what she says, even when it comes to abandoning his entire family


Expert:  Brandon M. replied 8 years ago.
Hi again:

I realize that I am probably giving more information than you originally asked for, but I wanted to give you the best answer possible. To start, what you had actually requested was (1) at what point do you need to consider an attorney and (2) how do you find one experienced in this sort of situation. The answer to (1) is immediately, and (2) there is no guarantee that any particular attorney would be available to take any particular case, so I would recommend visiting to find an attorney in your area that concentrates in the area of family law and who has at least 10 years of experience. Martindale lists almost every licensed attorney in the US and it is the tool that most attorneys use when looking for someone outside their own geographic area.
But this leads me to my second piece of information, and that is that I just want to tell you up front that the odds are probably against you going into this. Although Pennsylvania recognizes grandparental rights, those rights are very limited where the grandparent has never been the child's primary caretaker and the parents are still married. I would also emphasize that it would be good to meet with an attorney nonetheless because even if the facts turn out to not be on your side at this time, circumstances may change and you may have opportunities in the future that you will want to be ready for.

Let me know if I may be of further assistance, and please remember to click "accept". Thank you.
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