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A little over 2 mths ago my fiances son brought his sisters

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A little over 2 mths ago my fiance's son brought his sisters belongings to my home and put them in my garage. The daughter left the state with her 6 children w/o clearing out the home she was renting and is living in a hotel in FL. Two wks ago I asked my live in fiance of 11 yrs to leave my home. He left a lot of his belongings here as well and I have not heard from him since. I contacted the daughter by email (my only means of contact) and adv her that she needed to pick up her belongings & she told me she didn't have to tell me who was going to pick up her stuff and when and if I disposed of her items she would sue me. Also, she stated that if I emailed her any more she would sue for harassment. I tried calling and emailing the son for assitance and he is not returning either. The last email adv he had until 10-10-09 to pick up the belongings or I would dontate them no resp. Can I be sued if I dispose of the belongings left on my property? Do I have the right to dispose the items?
You need to send a written letter to the daughter and to your ex-fiance telling them that their property left at your home is considered abandoned, and that if they do not pick it up within 30 days, you will dispose of itor sell it. You cannot be sued if you send this notice to them.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That's the problem, I do not have an address for the daughter or my ex-fiance. All I know if that they daughter is in some part of FL jumping from hotel to hotel. I only have an email address for her. I have no idea where my ex-fiance is and I do not have an email address or phone # XXXXX him because I had it all disconnected when he left because I was paying for it. I received a letter from my ex-fiance postmarked from Memphis, TN but no return address. The only person that I have an address for is my ex-fiance's son. What do I do in this situation?
Just send the letter to their last known address. Also, send an email too.
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