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We have leased a house for 2yrs now. It is a 3year lease with

Customer Question

We have leased a house for 2yrs now. It is a 3year lease with purchase option. We put 2000 down and 10percent goes towards our purchase. Since april 2009 we have had a mold problem in the basement which is still not fixed. We had to move my son upstairs as it was giving him headaches and allergy problems. We removed the carpet,dumped it with the owners permission. Since then the bathroom in the same part of the basement also has mold and the tile has come off the wall. We also had a radon test down since the removal of carpet showed crackes in the basement floor. The radon test came out too high over 25. We have several other issues still not fixed,One of which is our water pressure tank that she doesn't have the money to fix. We originally signed a lease with a leasing company for this property and now the owner has left the leasing company and wants us to pay her instead. Are we still tied into the lease or is the lease voided. Can be get our money back so we can move.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your question.You really need t o consider a local lawyer here to review the lease.It would have your outs here to get out early.You may have lawyer claim house is unihabitable and a health risk

.You really don't want to purchase this house here.To me it has too many issues and it may even be worse than you know.Hopefully the lawyer can get you out of the lease here.It is certainly worth a try.I wish you good luck here resolving.
Expert:  Ray replied 8 years ago.
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