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a coworker at my job took a swing at my face and stopped an

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a coworker at my job took a swing at my face and stopped an inch before he touched my face and cussed me. I told the management and round about got blamed and accused of lying. I was told that they were not going to handle situation til end of night. The coworker continued to make threatening comments and gestures toward me until I felt forced into leaving. Now they are telling me that I no longer have a job because I left. But I left because they were not making me feel protected, so I protected myself.

The coworker ASSAULTED you and you need to file a criminal complaint against him. Even if he did not touch you, it is still legally an assault. Go to the police and file a complaint. There might be tapes at the job site.

Second, you were constructive terminated from your job. They made your work enviornment impossible to tolerate and therefore you should be eligible for unemployment payments at the very least.

There might be a chance for a discrimination complaint if you are member of a protected class and the reason for the termination is because you are in that class. Follow up with the EEOC.
Good luck.
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