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How do I proceed in a civil case in which unleashed dogs killed

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How do I proceed in a civil case in which unleashed dogs killed my cat IN MY FRONT YARD! Local police are investigating, but how I recover damages. And what damages do I list? Vet bill, obviously, but what else???
You can seek the cost you paid for your pet, and further punitive damages for a loss that cannot be quantified which would fall within the discretion of the court.     You can further seek vet bills and any other out of pocket expenses such as burial expenses.   
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
In general, how do I proceed? File some sort of document at the district court? I have never initiated a civil action ever in my life!
Consider filing a lawsuit in small claims court on your own or having a lawyer handle it on contingency. If the police are working on it, consider waiting for their report first, and consider a lawyer letter or reaching out to settle once the police reach their conclusion.
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