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while at work person1 askswho would u have sex with,marry kill

Customer Question

while at work person1 askswho would u have sex with,marry kill Person2 answers right away. Before i say anything my work phone rings, i answer it and it is a co worker. They ask what i am doing So i tell them that person1 has made up a game and i tell them the game on the company phone. my friend asks me who i would pick so i tell them. after work person2 tells one of the people whos name was used in the game that i was calling everyone at work and asking them the question person1 made up,even though i never did. This person who name was used came up to me the next day at work and told me to "keep my f#cking name out of your f#ucking mouth" in front of other coworkers the next day while i was working next to her, she told a group of thirty people who were visiting from another branch that i have sexually harased her and she wrote me up for it this continued all day long until i could not focus on my job and had to leave the area am i at fault? is she harasing me? what options do i have
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Joseph replied 7 years ago.
While what you went through was no doubt difficult, it doesn't sound like there is any real harm here. For you to have any recourse, she would have had to have caused some real harm; loss of job, loss of pay, etc.

Based on what you've detailed, this SEEMS like something that will pass in a matter of a few days. Candidly, this owuld probably be for the best for everyone involved. If she does cause you any harm, hopefully there are other people in the office that can verify your rendition of what took place.

It would be wise to write a statement as to what happened. Simply take pen to paper and write down everything that has happened while it is fresh in your mind. This is for YOUR benefit, NOT to be given to anyone else. Then, if something does happen later, you'll have your notes to refer to.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
what i have said on the phone about this person, is that considered sexual harassment?
Expert:  Joseph replied 7 years ago.
Harassment is generally defined as an ongoing pattern and practice of behavior. With this in mind, what you did seems to fall very short of harassment. I suspect, in retrospect, you would agree that it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I wouldn't consider it sexual harassment.

As I indicated initially, I suspect this will die down fairly quickly. My suggestion would be to keep quiet, avoid this person best you can for awhile and let things return to normal.

Best of luck!