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I do not mean to sound cheap, But I am recently seperated in

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I do not mean to sound cheap, But I am recently seperated in Virginia, Where I am 1200 miles plus from family. My husband just said he did not want to do this anymore, no reasons. I have many instances & documentaion of what I suspected. I am going through a lot of medical issues currently, that have me on eggshells daily. I am living paycheck to paycheck to pay what I can. My nerves are shot, and a aquaintance confirmed seeing them together this past Sunday. It is my husband with our Boss. I am certain there is an affair, and I can not get the proof because they know I am strapped & without help. I need some help, before I loose my job, as they have been making very difficult. I have nobody to talk to. I am scared & in need of something positive to happen with all of this, please help... me    I have it difficult everyday going to work.

I understand what you are going through, but what is your specific legal question?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What legally can I do with the nivolvement of OUR Boss with my husband, threat of my job daily that I need to keep currently do to Insurance for pending ongoing medical, I work for a Large Company and I can not just fo to HR. They cover each others back & I know this because I work in the office. What kind of case, he wants divorce & I didn't but will accept it. Where do I get help? ( unable to afford)?
Your husband is not legally prohibited from being involved with your boss, and until you have actually been discriminated against there is no legal cause of action. Right now, you are merely worried that something will happen to your job; from a legal perspective, it's like your neighbor worrying that you are going to break into their home, so they want you arrested.

Before you go looking for free legal help, my suggestion would be that you contact a family law attorney to get information about your husband having to pay your attorney fees; depending on the specific financial circumstances of the parties involved, it is often possible to get the other side to pay your legal bills for you. At the very least, for 1 hour of their time, they can give you specific advice on how to guard your finances and set you up for success later down the road.

Let me know if more information is needed, and please remember to click "accept". Thank you.
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