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Sept 2005 - Dental work was done, a bridge that was placed

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Sept 2005 - Dental work was done, a bridge that was placed where it wouldn't be structurally stable, and in May 2006, the bridge broke. Bridges should last anywhere from 10-15 years. I have to pay even more money now to fix my teeth because of this shoddy work. Also, I called my HMO insurance company and when they checked their archives, this dentist never submitted a claim, yet told me that my insurance covered NONE of my procedures, therefore costing me $9000 out of pocket. Is it too late to take them to small claims now?
You can pursue a claim for breach of contract based on these facts. Consider a lawyer letter and given the 06 date, do not wait any further before doing so
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I dont think there was ever a contract that said my bridge would last 10-15 years. That is just what the life of a bridge SHOULD be. Blue Shield Dental also mentioned to me that with HMO, dentists are not REQUIRED to submit a claim. But he lied to me and said he already checked and nothing is covered.

What is a lawyer letter? I thought in small claims, all I can do is represent myself. Do I actually have enough to hold up in court? I have to admit I dont have many specific dates :/

Thanks so much
That is a breach of contract case if the work does not last the industry standard lifespan and the otherside wont remedy the problem without cost to you. You can sue on your own or use a lawyer to pursue it on contingency fee basis.   
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