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My boss has been interfering in my personal life and is relaying

Customer Question

My boss has been interfering in my personal life and is relaying personal information to patients/clients. He does this in my presence. He doesn't agree with my personal decisions and advertises my decisions to the rest of the staff and others. (The only reason he knew of my personal life is because he would ask and pry.) About 4 months ago I decided not to tell him anything anymore and since then, my life has been a living hell. He has called meeetings for the whole practice and then excludes me. I have worked for him approximately 2 years and have taXXXXX XXXXXttle, if any time off. I went to visit my brother for a week for vacation and when I came back no one would talk to me. I had friends before I left! He has told me that if I sued him, he would tell the court that I molested a patient even if he knew I hadn't just to stay on the good side of his friend. There are many other situations. Do I have a case?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Jane Doe Deer replied 8 years ago.

Yes, you may have a case for both defamation (for anything that he said that's untrue that others believe) and for sharing private information.


I suggest that you talk with several employment attorneys - ones who also handle personal injury cases such as defamation.


Here is a good place to start looking for such attorneys: