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I am a Service & Parts Director with a new car dealer, I have

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I am a Service & Parts Director with a new car dealer, I have worked for this new car dealer for over 20 years. Every once and awhile someone questions the legality of my tire repair, plugging.

This is something I have done for over 15 years, and have never had a problem. It is an
alternative to replacing or costly patching a tire and works just fine. (a tire a day x 15 years, is thousands of tires)

Is this illegal in the state of Florida? I know what the tire manufactor says, there in business to sell tires. It works and works fine, is it legal?
<p>I believe that it is illegal to plug a tire in Florida. It's also dangerous. I took a stab at finding the exact law and counldn't, but am pretty sure the practice has been banned.</p><p> </p><p>Sorry.</p><p> </p><p>DCG</p>
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Dangerous? My wife and son are both riding with plugs? New tire plugs melt into and become part of the tire, not the answer I am looking for.

Driving is dangerous, leaving home to walk or jog is dangerous? This is not an answer.
Tire plugs run the risk of separating the tire bands and causing a catastrophic blowout. It's considered a temporary fix.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What would a catastrophic blowout look like? A slow leak in a tire does not result in a blowout, catastropic or not!

That's like saying he came out of nowhere, where is nowhere? And how does one appear out of nowhere?

Plugs vulcanize just as a run flat tire would. I wanted a legal answer, I got YOUR opinion. You should of said I don't know, but I have heard..... Thanks but no thanks.

Guess I should of spent more, huh

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
How long before I get an answer?

I note that you have opted out.

I can find no statutes in Florida which specifically ban the practice of repairing a tire with a plug.

However, a Trujillo vs. Uniroyal Tire Company was a case involving a plugged tire that caused a catastrophic blow-out, which resulted in a serious accident. That case made its way to the Florida Supreme Court.

While such repairs may indeed be generally safe, there is a chance, depending upon the placement of the plug on the tire, that a catastrophic blow-out may occur, which can cause a serious accident. In plugging tires you save the customer money, which is good. You also place yourself, your employer and the tire company at risk of a lawsuit if by some stroke of misfortune that plug repair fails while, for example, the car is traveling at a fairly high speed on the Interstate, causing an accident with injuries or deaths. Whether it is worth the risk for you and your employer is only something that you can decide. The tire company has informed you of its stance on the issue.

Typically, when such an accident occurs, everyone possible is sued: the company that made the repairs and its employees. The tire manufacturer will be sued if they did not issue adequate warnings about the danger of the repair. This is one reason why many tire manufacturers today will void the warranty on tires that have plug repairs done to them.

The tire companies are not just trying to sell more tires. They are trying to avoid expensive litigation if someone is seriously injured or killed due to an accident caused by such a repair. While the chances of such an accident are probably not high, they are extremely costly to the defendants of such a lawsuit if they do occur.

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Cowgirl Lawyer, Lawyer
Category: Legal
Satisfied Customers: 1422
Experience: Attorney for 22 years. General Practice, Labor/Employment, PI, WC, Criminal, Family.
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