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i need help writing a trial by declaration for a ticket that

Customer Question

i need help writing a trial by declaration for a ticket that i got for supposively not making a complete stop
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  MShore replied 8 years ago.
For your TBD you really just need to explain why you are not guilty. Common defenses are the inaccuracy of the radar gun used to detect the driver's speed, and/or explain the circumstances that gave rise to the speeding (e.g. the flow of traffic, a truck overtaking you moments before, etc.).
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

okay this is what happened and i would like you to review it and give me an advice. On

February 7th 2009 i was driving west on main st. at @ 9:07 pm. and came to a stop at a 3 stop corner, the cop came to a stop really slow first, but he was pointing his car lamp to his left like he was looking for something or someone and he didn't put his right or left signal, he didn't had option to go straight cuz the street he was on ended at that corner. I came to a stop second, than the car in front of me at last, than i counted more than 3 seconds and even asked my passenger if i should go on or wait for the cop to go first cuz he got to the stop first, but because he didn't go on and i proceeded forward than the car in front of me proceeded too, which came at last. After that i got pulled over by the cop and got the ticket. The ticket says i didn't make a complete stop and i was going 0-5 mph. my car has the original black rims from agency which makes it really hard to see if my tires are still running at night.

Expert:  MShore replied 8 years ago.
This really boils down to your work against the officer's word, and you unfortunately will lose.