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I have had a lot of money problems and now it looks like I

Resolved Question:

I have had a lot of money problems and now it looks like I am being sued in small claims by the attorney for my former doctor. The summons was just stuck in my door. No signature required apparently. They sent me a letter in May just saying they would be handling it. Nothing about how or when to pay them. Now this. I know I owe them. There's no doubt. Do I have to go to court? I lose a day of work that hurts me financially as well, so what do I do. Can I write the lawyer and try to make arrangements without going to court?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Barrister replied 7 years ago.



I think you have the right idea as it will only make your costs go up if they actually have to get an attorney to go to court to get a judgment. The court fees as well as "reasonable" attorney's fees are virtually always in a clause in the service provider contract that states you are responsible for them if they have to pursue collection. I would contact the doctor's office and see if they will work out a payment arrangement with you.

Contacting the attorney would not be very useful as he is paid for his time and the more time he spends (filing for court, going to court, placing liens, garnishments, etc) on the case, the more he is paid. So the reality is that it is in the attorney's interest to drag it out. The doctor's office is interested in getting their money asap so you would have a better chance contacting the office manager and working something out. It will be much cheaper in the long run.


I hope this helps.





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