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Hello , I bought i used car from dealer , but didnt give

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Hello , I bought i used car from dealer , but didn't give me the title and license plate after two months , did they broke the law ? the only gave me temporarily registration and temporarily plate but it expired now.
Good afternoon,

I'm sorry to hear of your dilemma.

In some circumstances, obtaining the title paperwork necessary for a used car, sold by a dealer, can be time consuming for the dealer. It doesn't mean that you don't own the vehicle though. Often vehicles are traded between dealers without the paperwork accompanying the vehicles, sometimes it is something like a lost title that must be applied for with the Motor Vehicle Department.

You can ask the dealer to issue you a new temporary tag--that is legal. If it turns out that the dealer is unable to get clear title and thereby register the car in your name, you will have the right to void the contract and force the dealer to return your money.

Personally, after 90 days I would demand my money back--and I have as the same thing happened to me years ago.

I wish you well.

Best regards,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the problem is , afer i bought this car , I have a small accident, so may be there is a record and a little damage, if after I repaired it well, the record is there , I will have some trouble to get all the money back ,and I worried about ,they will charge me too much ,due to this reason.
Good afternoon,

If you caused a little damage, as long as it is properly repaired, there should be no problem with voiding the contract if title can still not be provided. If they want to charge you for diminution in value, that is something that you will have to negotiate with them. If necessary, you may then have to file suit in court to void the contract an then prove what diminution in value truly is.

Best regards,


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
You mean court should give me a resonable jugement of diminution ? I have no exerience of suit in court , does it cost me much ? thank you for your assistant.
Good afternoon,

You would have to bring in an expert to testify. It would be an expensive proposition and you really would need an attorney.

My best advise is to try and work out a deal with the dealer if the dealer can't provide clear title.


Best regards,


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