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Imigration I recieved NTA in January. Previously i had

Customer Question


I recieved NTA in January.

Previously i had filled removal of conditions on green card
(thru mariage)1 DAY LATE. I recieved a confirmation letter with a one year renewal notice and went for biometrics succcesfully.

In JAN i recieved NTA. There was no set date and the letter said there was a follow up letter with a Scheduled date/time to appear.
I saw a lawyer who told me to wait for the letter.It has been 6 + months now and desperate ,cash is a problem since cannot find employment with expired green card.I had green card for 2 years.

Does it take this long to schedule hearing.
What can i do in the meantime?
What are my chances for reinstatemnt.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your questions.Yes ther is no time deadline here and this is not abnormal. The only thing I can suggest is look for cash work here. If you can find such work it may keep you floating in this matter. All you can do here is try to hang in here. Immigration will get around to you here it's just they are real slow.

In some ways I feel like they do this intentionally to see if they can get some to drop out. Don't give up here. Also if you can write your local senator/repreentative here they may inquire here about your case and this may shuffle the deck.Good luck here..

Reference to the process..