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I am a california businessman. Recently I bid for a contract,

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I am a california businessman. Recently I bid for a contract, and my bid was rejected before it was submitted. I asked the property manager why? and the answer was that they had received some 'disparaging information' about me from outside the management company. They would not tell me who.

More recently, when I was offered a job by another contractor who worked in the same community, he was told that he could not place me at that facility. When asked al lthey could say was that one of their residents sent them an email with disparaging information about me and my company.

I suspect that the individual involved is a competitor of mine, who was successfull by lieing, in getting a civil harassment restraining order against me two yrs.   

Can I file a law suit against "Doe" and then take the deposition of the Property Manager who received the email? And perhaps the board members as well.... to determine the content of the leter/email?
Thanks for your question. You could try here. Since you have prior evidence here of the false restraining order you could file suit here and then seek the evidence you mention above.

I very much think that if you subpoenaed records or other verification from the third party here that you may help make your case. I think that you have a good idea here. You are going to need a lawyer in the matter.

And ultimately this may turn into a defamation case if you were libeled and slandered here in the bidding. I can see a potential for defamation once you gather more information because you have definitely been harmed here by someone spreading false information. I wish you good luck here..

Reference for defamation..

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. However, my question was as much procedural as it is philosophical.


AM I PERMITTED, and IS THERE A VEHICLE for filing a law suit against a "DOE" rather than naming an individual. And Once filed against a "DOE" (assuming that is possible, and that it can be done on regular pleading or judicial counsel forms) can Depositions be noticed to the board, and property manager, and 'suspected' malfeasor?


I would appreciate your answer to that question.



Yes you may file a John Doe kind of suit here and allege that you ahve reason to believe that you have been harmed by unknown persons and that you will suppliment after discovery in the matter. You would do this on regular pleading/petition and then seek disocvery here by depositions..

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

That is great news Ray. thanks very much for your answer. I am sorry I was not clear on the first time around.


Best Regards,

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

That is great news Ray. thanks very much for your answer. I am sorry I was not clear on the first time around.


Best Regards,


I hit the accept button. Please let me know if it does not register.

No problem and thanks..
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