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Are there any valid legal basis to dispute a Red Flex speeding

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Are there any valid legal basis to dispute a "Red Flex speeding ticket"? The system is NOT a photo radar. It consists of 2 strips placed barely 5 feet apart on a down hill slope towards an intersection that has no light or stop sign. I have spoken to the one officer the city of Mt. Carmel, TN has, who reveiwed the 12 sec video ([email protected]) and then affirmed issuing the ticket. He only observed the video not the actual event. This is a 24/7 system on a rural 4 lane. The system depends on a "propritory algorithm" to calculate the speed over the 5 foot span.
There are signs in place but this "sensor" is not near any particular intersection or traffic signals. I know the TN AG has said these are not "Constitutional issues"- but where is my right to face my accusser when it is really a machine and a video camera that an officer reviews only after the fact?
What is the actual certification body for these? The chiefs of Police? IS the December 2008 FCC challenge a valid basis?
Thanks for your question. This isystem has been the subject of much debate and at least one class action below. If you read the web page below you may well find some grounds or information to further challenge here. The FCC challenge may well be a valid basis here. There are several areas you may challenge here including no first hand witness. no verification by raar or other means, etc.

This is the article I reference here..

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Do you happen to know the disposition of this case? I just read that RedFlex has scored at least as dozen more contracts in the last 2 weeks.
I am not sure it has been completed yet. But I see challenges to this process growing everyday. It really represents an intrusion on people's rights. I do know that where I live that they are not enforcing these for red lights.

If you do not pay the City of Austin--I'm in Texas isn't pursuing collection. It is possible that they aren't either where you are . It is a voluntary payment or they let them go.Check around wher you live here to see if the newspapers have anything about enforcement activity..
Ray and 6 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you