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I have a friend who was driving his girlfriends car without

Customer Question

I have a friend who was driving his girlfriends car without a license. He wrecked the car and fled the scene of the accident. However, nobody was injured. The car was totaled. The girlfriend was charged with a DUI.

He is going to admit to being the driver on the day of her prelimary hearing. What charges does he look to face?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ray replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your question.He would be charged with DUI and fleeing the scene here. If no one was injured then they may let him off on the second charge if he fesses up here. He is looking at some pretty stiff fines and maybe jail time in the matter. They will probably then arrest him and set bond here. But long range this is the thing to do. I wish him good luck here..

Penalties for the DUI..

First Pennsylvania DUI Offense:

Pennsylvania Criminal Status: BAC Per Se: Ungraded Misdemeanor; High BAC: Ungraded Misdemeanor; Highest BAC: Ungraded Misdemeanor.

Jail: BAC Per Se: 6-month maximum sentence;
High BAC: 48 consecutive hours jail time, 6-month maximum sentence;
Highest BAC: 72 consecutive hours jail time, 6-month maximum sentence.

Pennsylvania DUI Fines/Costs:
BAC Per Se: $300
High BAC: $500-$5,000
Highest BAC: $1,000-$5,000

Pennsylvania License Suspension:
BAC Per Se: 2 month suspension
High BAC: 12 month suspension*
Highest BAC: 12 month suspension*
*Note: An occupational limited license may be available after serving a 2 month suspension.

Violation of Zero Tolerance Law: If you are arrested for DUI, the police will ask you to take a breath, blood, or urine test. If your BAC is 0.02% or higher, and you are convicted of DUI, you can expect:

  • Up to one-year driver's license suspension
  • Drug and alcohol evaluation
  • Fines (up to $500 for a first offense), court costs and restitution
  • To complete a state-approved Alcohol Highway Safety Program, if ordered by the court

If you're under 18, you may also have a juvenile complaint filed against you within 5 days, and may be adjudicated delinquent. Your parents will be notified of your arrest.

If you're 18-20, you may be ordered to Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program if you qualify. If you don't qualify, you will be sentenced to 48 hours in jail. "


Leaving the scene..

Under Pennsylvania law, drivers who are involved in an auto accident must stop at the scene of the accident, provide information and render aid. A driver in a hit and run accident causing serious injury can face a third degree felony charge. If convicted, the penalty is a jail term of not less than 90 days and a mandatory minimum fine of $1,000. If convicted of leaving the scene of an accident involving death, the sentence is a minimum prison term of one year and a fine of $2,500."

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