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What does it mean for my lawyer to seek appropriate relief and sanctions

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My husband does not want to divorce me. He has been abusive and I have had a peace order put into affect last year. He claims that I have no right to anything we jointly own or have bought during our marriage. He will not fill our my lawyers and court's request for Answers to Interrogatories or Responses to the Request for Production of documents, which are now long overdue.   We have a court date in July to try to settle.

You husband has an obligation under the court rules to answer the interrogatories and requests for production. He has failed to do so and can be held liable for monetary sanctions for his failure and be required to reimburse you for the attorneys fees and costs he has caused you to incur in trying to obtain this information. An order compelling you husband to answer the requests and for the cost incurred in filing a motion to compel the answers is the "relief" your attorney is talking about.


Hang in there. . . .it will be over at some point.



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I understand. It is incredibly frustrating when an opposing party does not follow the court rules and causes you additional time and expense to make him follow the rules. I do know that this behavior wears thin on most judges and ultimately, when credibility becomes an issue on a point of contention in the divorce, the judge will be inclined to believe you as opposed to your soon to be ex husband that does not follow the rules or honor the proceeding. Hang in there!! Pete