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Is there 72hr buyers remorse law on buying a vehicle in Kansa

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Is there 72hr buyers remorse law on buying a vehicle in Kansa? I did buy a 2009 KIA, had it for three weeks when the dealership had me come in and after 2hrs said I couldnt keep that car because they couldnt get it approved.After 5hrs of sitting there they brought up a bottome of the line 2009 KIA and said this was what I could get, this was the only one and that was all they could do for me. They knew I had no car and I felt I had no choice but to get that one, they didnt ask if I liked it, I didnt test drive it, they didnt dtail it or put gas in it. . I drove it home and hated it. They were closed then and closed the next day(Sun) so I cxalled them Monday first thing, told them I didnt like the car, didnt want the car. They said sorry too late it is mine. Went to another KIA dealership, they were able to approve me for the same model I had to return. The car was delivered back to the 1st dealer. Refuse to give my $500 back. more to story but running out of characrers on here.
No there is no law in KS that gives a buyer the right to 3 days to cancel a contract if they get buyers remorse.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok, no law but consider the situaton. They admitted their responsibility and appologized over and over for the situation. They cashed the $500 for the forst car they took back. I feel I didnt really have a choice with the next car they put me in. Do I have a right to get my $500 back for a down payment on a car I dont have?
You can sue them for the return of the $500 if you can show you were under duress or they used fraud to get you to enter into a contract against your wishes. It would be a small claims court issue.
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