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My wife owes 6K to Illinois unemployment. She moved to Florida

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My wife owes 6K to Illinois unemployment. She moved to Florida in July of 08, and she was unemployed do to the move. She filed for unemployment and received it for 4-5 months.The state of Illinois paid the 6k over 4months to her while she was unemployed here in Florida, then they denied her claim. Now they want to be reimbursed. We were married in 08/08, and as stated we live in Florida...can they garnish her paycheck, put a lien against the house, freeze any future unemployment that she might be entitled to here in Florida, etc.? What can we do to avoid paying back this 6k...that we don't have?



Yes, the State of Illinois can get a judgment against you, and would be able to garnish wages and bank accounts in Florida. They cannot put a lien against your home, as Florida has homestead laws in place which prevent creditors from placing a lien on your property unless it is for back taxes, a mortgage company or a mechanics lien. It would not impact her getting unemployment compensation if she were eligible in the State of Florida.


I would attempt to try and enter into a settlement or payment plan with them, its unlikely they will want to do it, but she could try. Otherwise, they would have to sue, receive a judgment and then try and collect on the judgment.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Could you arrange a payment plan/settlement with them, if we sent/fax you the info. that we have received from them concerning this situation? Obviously we would need to get an estimate of your fees ahead of time. Your info. has been very helpful, and we thank you immensely.
Scott & Vicky Tyree
I am glad that you were able to find my answers helpful. However, the terms of service do not allow us to accept clients via this website. The Florida Bar has a lawyer referral service that can give you the name of an attorney in your area, they will not charge more than $25.00 for a consultation fee. If you go to the website you can request an attorney referral for your county.
VanDLaw and 3 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you

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