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I am a counselor in a major school district. The district decided

Resolved Question:

I am a counselor in a major school district. The district decided to reduce the number of counselors in the school district due to budget cuts ,as a result my school ended up with more counselors than allocated for the following year. The principal said he had no choice but to keep the probationary counselor in the counseling position while placin me in the classroom because the prob counselor has no teaching credential thus reducing my pay 13,000 a year and placed me in a teaching position in order to keep the probationary counselor and other counselors in the school district with no teaching credential employed at the expense of those of us with a teacing credential as well as a counseling credential.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  attySince1978 replied 8 years ago.
I can definitely understand your frustration. You are a senior counselor that is forced to teach at a loss of $13,000 per year so that the probationary counselor will not be laid off since she has no teaching credential.
I would suggest that the principal tell the probationary counselor that she must obtain a teaching credential otherwise he will be laid off so that the position can be returned to you.
It is not fair that you should have a reduced salary because you have more credentials than the probationary counselor. The principal is attempting to appease everyone but she is not able to if the probationary counselor will not continue her education. I know many teachers that are in temporary teaching positions pending obtaining the appropriate credentials. Why not the probationary counselor along with the other counselors with no teaching credentials. If you did not have the teaching credentials than you would have continued to work as a school counselor with no cut in pay.
Your cut in salary should either be restored to you or you should be returned to your counseling position. The probationary counselor should be given a time limit to obtain her teaching credential by way of an emergency teaching credential so that she can teach and you can be returned to your former counseling position.

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