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In April 2007, my boyfriend needed a new vehicle. He had no

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In April 2007, my boyfriend needed a new vehicle. He had no credit, so the loan is 100% in my name. The title is in my name too, with his name as beneficiary. We broke up in November 2008.

When we broke up, I drew up a "contract" stating when payments to me were due and other expectations from him. He has never made a late payment. I have decided that I do not want to deal with him for 3 more years, because it's so stressful seeing him once a month and having to deal with him.

The last provision in the contract I drew up is "MyName can, at any time, terminate the portions of this Agreement pertaining to the truck. If and when this option is exercised, MyName will give HisName 30 days to obtain an alternate vehicle. The truck must be surrendered to MyName either on or before the 30th day. The truck must be in good working order."

I am thinking about exercising this option, but my concern is whether he can sue me for the 2 years of payments ha has already made. Any advice??
Since he signed the agreement you can exercise the right at anytime. But should also allow him to pay off the remaining 3 years in a lump sum so that he can still keep the truck if he can get a loan to just pay you off.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I recently mailed my ex-boyfriend a letter stating that he has 30 days to either pay me the lump sum or surrender the truck. Yesterday, I found out he got a DWI a few days ago AND a couple of weeks ago he dropped dirty (marijuana)...while on probation!! I'm now wishing that I had put a provision in the agreement regarding drugs and/or drinking and driving. If he would have hit someone and killed them, I would probably be sued as the owner of the vehicle. That's not cool!! So, do you think I have grounds to just go retrieve the truck, or do you think I should just stick with the 30 days and hope for the best?? Thanks.
Since he is endangering himself and others and would cause you liability if he did have an accident, you should retrieve it now and if you want hold it for 30 days to give him a chance to get a loan or just sell it and cut your loses with him.
legaleagle and 3 other Legal Specialists are ready to help you