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RBinJax, Attorney
Category: Legal
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Experience:  Attorney for 28 years. Personal injury, Social Security, family, work comp, criminal trial practice.
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My son got a misdemeanor in Svannah Georgia over Spring Break.

Customer Question

My son got a misdemeanor in Svannah Georgia over Spring Break. His home is Columbia South Carolina. A friend of a friend of his at the court house has had it pushed forward twice and now he will be on active duty for the next one on 16 June. I just want to hire a lawyer and get it over with. Where do we go from here.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  RBinJax replied 8 years ago.
<p>Ask your friend to recommend a good criminal attorney or two in Savannah and speak with the attorney about what can be done in your son's situation. It may be that a plea to the charge can be worked out on a no contest basis with a withhold of adjudication so that your son does not have a permanent record as he would with a conviction. It may be that due to your son's circumstances this can be done by mail. Much of it may depend on the judge before whom the charge is pending, the prosecutor handling the case for the state, and the charge itself. If the judge will not allow him to do it by mail, the attorney can perhaps get things moved up on the court calendar as early it may be heard.</p><p>Obviously, probation would be problematic at best, XXXXX XXXXX he could pay a fine to resolve it. An experienced attorney should be able to give you and your son guidance as to how to best proceed. With luck, the charge might even be dismissed in view of your son's service.</p><p>I hope this answers your questions. Please click Accept so that I am credited for my assistance. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX and thank your son for his service to our country.</p>

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