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i have found in the fla.supreme cort records attorney Melody

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i have found in the fla.supreme cort records:attorney Melody Ridgely Fortunato,has been "disciplined for issues.i to am dealing with..feel vey "misrepresented/stalked/and ms.fortunato,would not provide break-down of "biling for additional":700.00-for Restraining Order".her announcing to me 3 months later after appearing in court.i now owe her more "monies".had to dismis her;for doctor,my "so called "boyfriend"-sent "cease and desis" to me-to cover up what ever he "intends".needing to stay away from all-and getting "compliant form from tallahassee-to help brake-down of "billing,which ms. fortunato,will not provide for me..sacred by addressing issue:will give ex-boyfriend(doctor-who i cannot speak of-due to "cease and desis"more "amo"-to create as he wishes,and have his money,being a "pastor",doctor-set-me up in "illegal legal practice.lost hand due to "medical legal mal-practiced."brutally raped" during trial,25 years ago-told bettr listen to "orders".see patern-i'm inpoor health
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
How do i get Mrs.Fortunato "breakdown of additional charges,of 700.00 dollars.when she agreed to no more than 2500.00.given to her immediately.feel she is being distance on answering"break-down of fee's".feel used by her.interest in "monatery gain".(disability check) lost left hand.(drunk-driver 32 years ago.51 not thrive on type of "mismanging"...sincerely; diana rivera
Okay, first you should write her a letter requesting a break down of the bill and the additional fees. Send the letter certified mail return receipt requested. In your letter, you will want to ask for a break down and advise that if you do not recieve an appropriate response that you will forward the letter to the local bar association and file a disciplinary complaint as to the bill. This should get her response, as most attorneys know that any involvement with the disciplinary department will likely mean more trouble then just to respond to the client.
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