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i am in the middle of a work mans comp case i had to see the

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i am in the middle of a work mans comp case i had to see the insurance company psychologist in his report he said that from hospital records that on jan 26 2005 i was in my home pulled out a gas line from my hot water heater and i lit a smoke and that i had wanted to blow my house up. he then went on to say that i was 5150 on that day and that i tested positive for marijana and cocaine (i was never 5150 on that day) he then stated in his report "today mr malone was hostile and openly confrontal(just as he was described in the medical records from 2005) he also went on to say that on jan 26th 2005 i had a live in girlfriend now the only person i lived with in 2005 was my son i was not admitted to the hospital on jan 26th 2005 he also went on to say in his report that i told the doctors(on jan 26th 2005) that i was not on parole but my chart said i was he also stated i was in (prison at some point in time) i have never been to prison in my life now what i want to know can i sue? him



it appears, from your statements, that this doc had you confused with someone else - or outright made up stories about you - if you can show that he was intentionally out to harm you with his characterzation of you in this report then yes, take him to court. this is outrageous - consult with a local attorney and discuss suing him on a contingency basis for his untruths about you in that report - make him prove where he got all that false information - if an attorney takes it on a contingency, it wont cost you anything but the agreed percentage of any settlement granted by a court


good luck



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
well it seems he has made up some things about me he said i was in foster care as a child and i hid it from him i was never in foster care he said that my service in the maries caused my mental illness he also went on to state that he had to read the questions to me because i forgot my glasses(i do not wear glasses) when i got to his office i was up the prior night all night because of the pain in my back but he said it could have been cayse by meth use he also went on to state my test scores when i got there he said since the test was long i was to read the questions out to him and then give him the answers while he maked it down on the sheet so my test scores made me out to be some crazy person that hears voices there is a lot more that he told them a lot more and i feel that this has harmed me due to the fact that now because of this no one will believe me



if you have the report and can prove the inaccuracies and show that he did with an intent to harm you then you would have a case

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