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speeding ticket

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ok so I had gotten a speeding ticket in late february and on the ticket there were two different addresses thaat i could send my ticket to and pay off my ticket and such. well, for some stupid reason I sent my check to one of the addresses and not the ticket. I realized this a week later and photo cpoied the ticket and sent a check with the photo copied version of the ticket to the same address i was thinking I had to send it to ( there was an address to denver DMV court or one In another city in colorado) well I sent my other ticket with a note saying I sent the check and everything thinking that they are going to find it and I send the photo copied one with a check to denver and they both were sent to denver. well my court date was march 30th and i failed to appear because I didn't hear back from anyone saying that I was supposed to send my check anywhere else or anything, well march 30th at 9pm I found out that I was supposed to send it to the ticket to gilcrest. what can I do?
Hello clarinet and welcome to JustAnswer.

Traffic courts deal with this kind of situation all of the time and it generally is not a big deal if you take care of it quickly.

The best thing to do would be to take copies of your paperwork to the court where you were supposed to appear, go to the traffic clerk's window and explain what happened. You should be able to clear it up right there in the clerk's office, particularly if the check was received, even though it went to the wrong place.

At worst, you may have to reset the court date for an appearance to explain what happened to the court, but that is very unlikely based on what you've said here.

Don't let this go for too long, though, as the court will eventually issue an arrest warrant for the failure to appear. Once that happens, a court appearance will be necessary for sure and you run the risk of getting arrested if stopped for some other traffic violation.

Thanks for asking your question here on JustAnswer and good luck getting this squared away. If you have any other questions, please let me know.
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