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Category: Legal
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Experience:  23 Years as attorney, licensed NY and FL. Former US ATTY.
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chrysler financial repo. my car, I was behind 3 months on it.

Customer Question

chrysler financial repo. my car, I was behind 3 months on it. I just could not afford it anymore with my hrs being cut at work. I bought it 3 years ago for a little over 24,000. My payments were 461.00 a month. They sold my car for 11,100, so they recieved close to 27,000 for they want over 6,000 from me and they are only giving me 4 days to come up with 1600. and 1600 a month after that for 4 months. I dont have that with a mortgage and a child to support. Are they going to sew me and take my house...what should I do from this point???
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  FLACORPLAWYER replied 8 years ago.
Used cars bring so little at auction that a lot of people end up with this problem. They are going to sue you and you are going to face possible garnishment of your wages, a lien filed with the county, etc etc. They cannot take your house but they will file a lien against you with the county so that they are paid when the house is sold. Tell them to accept monthly payments you can afford, during which time you want no interest to accrue, or you will go bankrupt and they will get nothing.