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I lost unemployment appeal hearing.The Employer had lied about

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I lost unemployment appeal hearing.The Employer had lied about dates concerning incident of delivery misshap at fuel plant in Chicago area.How do i obtain records from fuel plant.To enter and leave The Plant you have to pass thru security,they keep all records.I called said they could not release information.What legal means are available to me to retrieve these records.
You need to exercise your rights to obtain information under the administrative law processes governing unemployment benefits in Iowa,Customer

If it were in court, it would be pretty easy to describe the subpoena process, which includes demand for documents from third-parties like the security company.

Believe it or not, we often are getting our money's worth for all those taxes we pay at the state level. Detailed discussion of how to prepare for unemployment hearings, AND appeals is found at, including

"Requests to subpoena witnesses or documents should be made to the Appeals Section in writing as soon as you receive the Notice of Hearing. You must state why the witness or document is important to your case and why the person or document is not available without the subpoena. In deciding whether to grant or deny the subpoena, the judge will consider if your request is reasonable and if the witnesses or documents are necessary. You must supply the name and home address of any witness you want subpoenaed and describe the documents you need in your request. Subpoenaed witnesses who appear at a hearing are paid witness fees and mileage for each mile traveled in Iowa going to and from the place of the hearing. Workforce Development pays the costs for issuing subpoenas and pays the witness fees and mileage after the witness submits a payment voucher."

There *might* be some leeway for you, being not represented by an attorney in the process, regarding your failure to obtain those documents before both the initial hearing AND the appeal hearing.

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