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if I sold a used refrigerator to someone, do they have the

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if I sold a used refrigerator to someone, do they have the right to bring it back because they say there is a little chip missing from one of its drawers and that it is leaking water on her floor. I know for a fact that it was in pristine condition. Also, it never leaked any water. Do I have to give them their money back?

I take it you are not in the business of selling used appliances or similar equipment. If you are simply a person who had a used refrigerator and sold it to someone, you are under no obligation to offer any sort of refund or anything else. Unless you offered some specific warranty with the sale, the sale was as-is. The buyer purchased an item and assumes any risks. The buyer could try to file suit, but unless you offered some sort of warranty or promise that was not met, it would be thrown out of court almost immediately.

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