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Aneighbor is constantly making up lies about my 15 year old

Customer Question

Aneighbor is constantly making up lies about my 15 year old son .She has told others that he was arrested for shoplifting, through a pineapple through her window and harrassed her daughter. None of these things have ever happened. She goes to the school and tells administrators and coaches in addition to neighbors. Kids hav3e been told to stay away from my son and his coach has told hi if he goes near her he will be off the team. He does not ahve any contact with her because we have warned him how dangerous she can be. What can we do to protect our son. He is a straight a student ,Varsity swimmer, badketball player and member of the track team. He also got a job as a lifeguard this summer. He is a responsible freshhman who does not deserve this treatment. This has beeen going on foe over a year. Can you help?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Ellen replied 8 years ago.


Thank you for your information. I am happy to assist you.

You appear able to bring a civil action for harassment and defamation against her.

Defamation generally consists of: (1) a false statement of fact about another; (2) an unprivileged publication of that statement to a third party; (3) some degree of fault, depending on the type of case; and (4) some harm or damage.

Libel is defamation by the printed word and slander is defamation by the spoken word.

I suggest that you retain competent local counsel.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I want to scare her with a letter before I retain a lawyer. How do I do this?

Expert:  Ellen replied 8 years ago.

You can consider retaining local counsel to send a letter. It would typically be more effective then a letter from you.
Expert:  Ellen replied 8 years ago.

Your son may also have a claim for Criminal Harassment under Texas Penal Code 42.07. You can file a police report.