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I have a retail business. A friend asked me to sell at her

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I have a retail business. A friend asked me to sell at her store in Aug. Third week of AUG. she decided to do consignments with other retailers. We agreed I would pay her 15% of my sales and work one day a week. Sept I noticed a difference in our totals; but she blew me off. January I found a problem with Nov totals & she got mad and asked if I wanted to remove my inventory. I said yes and then she asked to keep it till Valentine's day. She has not sent me my commission check for Dec which amounts to 699.00 plus the taxes I pay. She had given me a key to her store; but with problems I don't use it now. I need to get my pay and most of all get my inventory out of her store. I don't know what to do but fear she could be throwing my sales invoices away and she has still not given me my sales invoices for Oct thru Dec so that I can check totals & do my inventory. She just called with Dec sales totals so that I could do 3 mo. taxes that I sent in Jan 24th. I need help!

What state are you in?

How much are you owed?

what have you tried?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
<p> </p><p> I live at Kansas. I am owed for Dec 670.23 and 50.99 sales tax = 721.22   I don know what my sales are for January, she hasn't told me. I have asked for my money and have not received it and she won't agree on a date so that I can remove my inventory. </p>
You should make written demand for those monies and an accounting for receipt for the month you dont dont have the precise numbers. Then sue in small claims court and seek court costs.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Any way to get my inventory out before I do small claims court due to not receiving any money?
If he will permit you entry you can recover your inventory. Otherwise you need to sue or have a lawyer try to negotiate a settlement.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I will be paying you as soon as see how to add money to my Paypal account or pay with my charge card. You will be receiving a tip too!!

Thanks for your help!
Barb Knoll
You welcome. If you need help with that you can contact customer service which can be reached [email protected]
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