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Hi Paul, Im a small business owner. I had a temporary (summer,

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Hi Paul,
I'm a small business owner and have several businesses and work my ass off. I'm female 36 and a member of my chuch and community. I had a temporary (summer, cash, under $300) employee (I do fairs and festivals)act nutso-crazy at a festival in Delaware in September, language/you name it. She was told to leave by me and the on duty guard festival police. I could not find her after the festival, and drove my crew home. The next day she came to my place of business (Maryland) and attacked me. I pressed charges on her in Maryland she she did the same on me. Rumor has it she claimed she was hurt. She was walking just fine to go press charges on me. I saw her in there. I was vacation in Maine just this month. It appears that two weeks AFTER the cases in Maryalnd were FILED, later, she went to Delaware and tried to tell them on the day of hte festival I "head butted her and pushed my finger into her head." She stated she was NOT injured but wanted me arrested, stating she was "assaulted by me in maryland" when cases are pending. BotXXXXX XXXXXne the girl is an 8th grade educated stripper that I was trying to get to do something better in life, hence a little lemonade shaking. Anyhow, now four months go by, I never even know of this, she gave a bogus address, description of me, etc. Delaware calls me up on the phone, Jan 16 stating I had a warrant for my arrest. So I drive from Maine to Delaware to turn myself in. They say in DE things happen differently, a person can swear out a warrant on another person? Unbeknownst to me she had done what I just wrote you. I am now facing "Criminal charges, non aggrevated Misdemeanorfor offensive touching" in Delaware, and Assault in Maryland. I have to buy two different lawyers, or fend for myself. I am the victim and I don't know why she is doing this, she must have really needed that job. What can I do to protect my good name, reputation and the like/? I am not so easy to let people tarnish what I have worked so hard for. She has nothing and married a Baltimore County Cops' son in the meantime they waste MD's court time for everything. Some characters they are. I believfe the judge will see thru this, after all I don't get to where I am in life by doing criminal things. I want to know what I can do to protect my reputation. I asked my business atty to sue for libel, and slander but he said you can't get water from a rock. I told him I didn't care how much it costs what she is doing to me is wrong and who is her next victim? He said to let it go and get it over with and karma will take care of her.. That's easy to say, I'm losing time, money, hair and stressing over what this crazy girl will do next. I do hope the courts see through her crazy reports but she's good, what if she goes to teh four other states I do business in? . Oh by the way, Delaware you have to write to get a copy of the complaint,and you only get what the cops typed in to their new super duper system. I have to get a copy of what she originally wrote and don't think I can get it from them. Seems odd you can't get copies of what you are accused of in the "plaintiff's own writing" like you can in Maryland. The reason I want it is an inside source told me she wrote she said "Cindy pushed me in front of four copes" (that's 8th grade spelling for cops) and that in itself is enough to show a judge the delaware police department was crazy to even help this girl swear a warrant out. ANY OFFICER in ANY STATE witnessing ANY BRUTALITY of ANY KIND would immediately have arrested me and a report would have been filed. I have never even had a speeding ticket and am squeaky clean but this bottom feeder has gotten me a nervous wreck! HELP! Also my church pastor has told the whole darn congretation and now they are , outraged wanting to write letters to Delaware officials. This isn't the OJ trial but they feel like this girl is dangerous. Is this a bad idea? Will anything come of it? I must protect what I've worked so hard for. I fear the worst because I see this crazy stuff on the movies and have never experienced it myself, but just the thought of going to court makes me freak out! If this girl can get a cop to arrest me for an alleged headbutt? ? Who does that? Then what else have I got to look foward to. Also a referral to someone in Delaware would be wonderful. I can't even focus on work thnaks to this hoodlum.
First, you need to hire an attorney in DE and believe it or not $1000 is about the going price. Second, you need to file a motion for discovery for the handwritten statement on which the police report has been based because it is actually an official statement and it has to be made available to you as part of your discovery rights before trial. Third, you need to just show up with your witnesses and when they disprove the case, you ask the judge to charge her with filing a false police report. AS far as suing her, your attorney was right, you would end up with just a costly piece of paper against her with no way to collect upon it.

You also need to seek a restraining order against her from both courts. I do not believe this will end up going anywhere, but unfortunately you are stuck paying the attorneys fees for the matter, but be lucky that is all you are paying. Once you blow her out at the criminal trials she will not have a leg to stand on if she tries to sue you in civil court for this and this is why having good attorneys is critical.

The best place to look for attorneys is the same site used by other attorneys

Unfortunately, we cannot give out personal recommendations on this site and I really have no contacts in DE anyhow.

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