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After missing too many days in school and only receiving a

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After missing too many days in school and only receiving a letter to that effect and a call that my daughter needed to attend Saturday school, I get a call yesterday from the county sheriff saying that a truancy warrant has been issued against me under the wrong name but I have to appear before the magistrate tomorrow and I need to know what to expect cause going in blind just really upsets me to the point I can only focus on what might happen and imagine the worst.

In general, what will happen at your first appearance is that the court will inform you of the reason for your appearance (truancy) and likely assign an attorney for your daughter. You may also get an attorney. Another court date will be set for you to either admit to the truancy or have a hearing/trial on the issue of whether your daughter is a truant as a matter of law.

If she is found to be truant and this is the first time, the court will likely assign her to a probation-type program that will monitor her school attendance. If she goes to school as required and makes passing grades, she will be released from court jurisdiction. If she continues to miss school the court may look at more serious action, such as removing her from your home. That's the worst case scenario however and you shouldn't be concerned about that tomorrow.

At court tomorrow, listen carefully and read the petition. If the court offers you an attorney, accept that help. Most importantly, get your daughter to school every day and have her make up the missing work.   Do not allow her to drop out since the court is now involved.

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Dawn Porter
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
When the sheriff called he did not say that my daughter had to be with me and was wondering if I should just go by myself or take her with me.
You should take her with you. Also, make sure to be at all scheduled court appearances in the future, with your daughter.

Best of luck.

Dawn Porter