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I need help preparing a presentation to the Mass. Board of

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I need help preparing a presentation to the Mass. Board of Appeal for my mother's hearing to get her driver's license back. Revoked for immediate threat, medical but has a letter from her doctor and the medical clearance form clearing her to drive again. Her doctor is from Hartford, CT because she has just recently moved back to Mass and hasn't found a new doctor yet. What other documents should I take besides hospital record, police report, driving record?

The biggest issue will be the medical clearance. Will the board believe the original basis for the license removal has been remedied?


Why did they take her license?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She had been sick with the flu/ diarhea leading to dehydration and lowered kidney values. Unclear what happened but was driving on flat tire and followed by police for a while before stopping. Seemed confused so they sent her to hospital. Slightly low blood sugar and aenemia. All symptoms have improved and back to normal base status. Also discovered that the Kaopectate she was taking for diarhea interacted with three of the meds she is on.

OK... so your medical testimony will be the critical element. Make sure they will accept a doctor's letter, and that the doctor need not appear in person or by phone.


Second, make sure your Mom presents her own case, or at least does appear able to understand what is going on.. If she does not appear or sound oriented, they may hold that against her.. So the more proactively she runs her own presentation, the better.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, thanks very much and Happy New Year.
good luck!