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An acquaintance of my mothers is upset with her. To get back

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An acquaintance of my mother's is upset with her. To get back at her, he called my work (a local cable company) and accused me of getting into his account, making changes and giving his personal information to my mother. This is something I did not and would not do. I may lose my job over what he has said. Is this considered defamation and slander?

It woud be the form of defamation called "slander". Most certainly your computer system has a built in tracking device so there is normally a hidden file whch ID's who, what, when and where an access was made by an employee.


I would suggest that you talk with counsel for maybe 15-30min. It should be sent to the lier and to the employee in violations. You need to turn the table of tis creep.


I would start with a strongly worded demand letter to her. It should DEMAND that she must stop or legal action will take place.


Good luck, and Happy New Year.

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