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A Friend rented a Hotel Room in Phila Pa.he had 2 unregestured

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A Friend rented a Hotel Room in Phila Pa.he had 2 unregestured guests there was some trouble with the other 2 unregistered guests and the Registered party was escorted out the rear with security. THE QUESTION HERE IS -The Hotel allowed the other two guests to go back to the room to retrieve "personal effects"~ and some standard room items came up missing along with some damage, Can Charges be filed against the two unregistered guests for the damages and Missing effects, Even though there was no arrests made and the 2 left the premises when told to by the Hotel.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hello LadyLawyer,

I will Accept your answer, Only i DID NOT Expect such Swiftness with a response. I am Unable to Pay the amount (which i will accept to pay as agreed) until friday ~ Payday.

I have never used this type of search tool before and didn't know how it worked til i got to the end. Where i learned of the Swiftness and the "waiting room".

All that aside i can pay for your answer on Friday- This is very embarrasing, and i can provide more information. Please forgive me for the low amount but i am on disability and that is truly the best i can do.

If this is permitted and or can be done that would be wonderful.

I wish Not to take up your valuable time.

Especially on New Years eve ~


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That is no problem! I am happy to help whether you accept or not. It is very unlikely that the hotel will file charges against the two visitors. For one, the hotel probably does not have their names or any other information. Secondly, the person that rented the room is the one that has the contractual obligation to take care of it. If there was any damage or missing items, then the registered guest's credit card will probably be charged. It is unlikely that there will be any court action by the hotel unless they try to charge the guest's credit card and it does not go through. Even so, they will have to file a civil suit, not a criminal one. That guest can then try to recoup the money he is out from the two unregistered guests in court, if it even goes that far. But there will have to be some proof as to who did the damage and who took the items. Hope this helps. Happy Ne Year! Thanks for using Just Answer!



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Is the same senario played out, Even if the Hotel allowed the two guests back up in the room. Even after the Registered guest had cheked out and left via a backdoor ? The Hotel possibly has i'm sure video and possibly the name of one un-registered guest.

Because the person who rented the room is the one legally responsible for the people he brings into the room as guests, he is also legally responsible for the items his guests took. The renter would have a cause of action against the two guests and could file a third party complaint against them if he is sued by the hotel OR can initiate his own court action if the hotel just charges his credit card, but the hotel will likely prevail on their claim against him in the meantime. However, if he had already checked out and the hotel security let the guests back into the room after that, then he at least has a good argument. But that is not going to keep the hotel from trying to collect on the missing items straight through his credit card. He would have to sue them to get the money back OR he could just sue the two other guests directly. He could subpoena the video tapes from the hotel and enter them into evidence.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

LaughingThanks LADYLAWYER !

You were wonderfully and Unexpectadly Swift with your response(s)~

I do apologize for asking and having you wait for the payment.

But as my word might be rare, So is Money !!

Please Know that I Greatly Appreciate the additional savings,

It was VERY Helpful as Was Your Answer~

You have a ~LaughingHappy New Year too!