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My car was recently reposessed after one month of being behind.

Customer Question

My car was recently reposessed after one month of being behind. I have had my car for three months. I just put down over 2,500 for a car a was previously quoted at 3900 dollars. But, I took the finance option hoping to use it as a help to build my credit. I paid the first month. I was out of town with the military for a few weeks and I was going to pay the note the next day. But, I had not had the chance to do so. i went outside and my car was gone. I just paid all this money for this car and the car was going to be paid off in seven months. They told me I had to pay back $1200 to get my car back and now I am debating if that is wise.. Please help me.. I am in Michigan
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  legallysound replied 8 years ago.

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You ask a good question. Assuming you can afford the payments and intend to keep the car, you should pay the $1,200. If you do not, your credit will be irreparably damaged. If you do, any damage to your credit thus far can be explained away because you will have taken the obligation back and started to make payments again. Obviously, someone who could not afford to continue with payments would not want to pay the $1,200 to get a car back, only to have it repossessed again, further harming one's credit. The $1,200 is a small price to pay to get back on track and maintain a good credit standing.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have tried to talk with the dealer. he told me that he would work with me. but, I had to bring in $1200. Since I have had the car I have had to deal with over heated vehicle, bad breaks, The check engine light just came on about a week ago. One person cannot run brakes bad in a matter of a month or two. He did take care of the heating issue. My transmission almost went out, They did not put the oil in there. I had to put a new radio in there. The radio they had in the car was suppose to work but, it never did. I was willing to deal with it. But, it is costing me to much. If the car was right in the first place the money that he charged me to do brakes would have been last months note. I was charged $325 dollars to do new brakes. I have purposely over payed the owner on several things. But, I miss one month and my car was repossesed. All of this in three months.
Expert:  legallysound replied 8 years ago.

Wow. OK. Lots of new facts here. Since you really have a problem vehicle, I would offer to pay something less than the $1,200. Go in with a list of everything you have had to deal with and pay, including your personal time because that has a value too; there is also a nuisance value. The dealer should bring down the amount you owe.


From the dealer's perspective, they really don't want that car back --- they would rather you take it, otherwise they will need to re-sell it to someone else ---- someone else who might find out everything wrong with it and want it all fixed. The deal in no way wants that.