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I have a question about car insurance and dont know who to

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I have a question about car insurance and dont know who to ask the question is   if your insurance expires on say 11/25/08 and I was in an accident on the 11/28/08 am i still covered? People are telling me I am covered for 30 days after the cancellation date in virginia. I have been with the same insurance company for 9 years
The answer will depend on your policy.

There are some policies that have a similar feature. But it is not required by state law. You will need to carefully review your policy to determine what happens at the expiration of the policy.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have read the policy and i see nothing about that either way that is why i am asking on here. It does not say anything about when the policy expires except what day it falls on. but i do see on line that the insurance company has sent out a reminder of cancellation on 11/28/08 3 days after the policy expired. does that make any difference?
There is not a state law that requires any additional coverage. Now, if your company will provide this, then you are in luck. But VA will not require that the company extend beyond the cancellation date.

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