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My ex-husband was ordered to sell a joint-owned car in our

Customer Question

My ex-husband was ordered to sell a joint-owned car in our divorce decree which was final in June of 2007. He has the title and I haven't been asked to sign it over so I'm certain he still has it. It's a 1980 Jaguar that was owned by Bo Derek which means nothing to me but he feels it's pretty darn special. It was worth $2200. at the finalization of the divorce but the value has dropped since then. I've written at least 10 emails asking him what the status is and yet he completely ignores me. My lawyer wrote to both him and his lawyer and was again ignored. At that point my lawyer closed my case only after I payed over $10,000 for a simple no fault divorce. Let me add he is an abusive controlling man who feels he's above the law which makes him totally un-reasonable and impossible to deal with. Can I file a contempt of court order against him in Salem Oregon without legal representation?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Daniel Solutions replied 8 years ago.
Yes you can file a contempt motion by yourself without an attorney but if you feel the need for an attorney the you can also ask for attorney fees. He is clearly in violation of the divorce decree. Does this answer your question?
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Will the car be worth the original appraised value when the divorce was signed or the current value?

Expert:  Daniel Solutions replied 8 years ago.
The car should be valued at the market value at the time he should have sold the car because the vehicle depreciated more due to his fault of not selling last year.