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What can this girl and I do to be together and get her away from her abusive mother

Customer Question

No, not physical abuse, but emotional. I'll start from the beginning...

I live in the state of Missouri.
I am 18 years old and this girl I am talking to is 17 years old. We want to be together more than anything in the world. We love eachother and we want a serious relationship. Her mom, after hearing a rumor about me from another woman stating that I only "want one thing" from girls, has told her countless times to not talk to me, stay away from me, and that she will do anything it takes to keep us apart.
This girl does live with her mom still. She has tried moving in with her grandparents, but they will not let her do so unless it was okay with her mom. The obvious answer was a negative. The life she has right now with that woman is horendous. Her mom, as well as her mom's boyfriend, is an alcoholic and can get emotionally abusive. Is there anything her mom can do legally to either me or this girl to keep us apart? And what can we do to finally be together and away from her mom?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Jim Reilly replied 8 years ago.
Because this girl is still a minor, she is still subject to parental control. There are three ways for her to effectively escape that control:

1) Seek protection from the abuse by reporting it to the local office of Missiouri Child Protective Services and being removed from the home.

2) Get married (which will require parental consent).

3) Obtain a court order of emancipation.

Otherwise, she will have to wait until she turns 18, at which time she can move out of the home and her mother will have no legal basis upon which to prevent it. Depending on how close she is to turning 18, it may not be possible for either a CPS proceeding or an emancipation request to be granted before she would turn 18 anyway, so it may be best just to be patient until she becomes an adult.

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