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If you ask an office in Wisconsin about what you blew into

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If you ask an office in Wisconsin about what you blew into a handheld breathlyzer are they required to tell you or can the say they don't have to tell you anything

At the time of the test they are not required to tell you, but if you are arrested or charged with DWI(DUI) they must tell you so that you can prepare your defense.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

My daughter was arrested for dui because she had three beers in two hours and 3 hours before that had takena half mg. of prescription medication colanezpan. At the hospital I walked up behind the officer and watched him preform a road side test on her and she passed it with flying colors but what i saw and he said in his report were two different things. He did not know I was there at the time and then I asked the other officer what she blew in the breathalyzer on the road test and he said he didn't have to tell me and I then said if you can't tell me then tell her what she blew for a number. He said he did not have to tell her anything. They told me she was arrested for dui, if she wasn't being arrested then she would not of been taken to county jail. Is there anything not legal in this situation from the officers.

No there was nothing illegal about him refusing to tell you the number. But if he lied about the result of her tests you witnessed then you should testify against him at the hearing if your daughter takes it to hearing.