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J D Haas
J D Haas, Lawyer (JD)
Category: Legal
Satisfied Customers: 2998
Experience:  21 years as a serious injury/wrongful death trial lawyer; nationally board certified; 43 jury trials
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Mr.Haas, I can not find the web site I am sorry. The judge

Customer Question

Mr.Haas, I can not find the web site I am sorry. The judge in the settlement conference thought he could spperate me from my attorney and reach a binding settlement which does not help me.The judge said after the first day when we put the foundation on the record that everything was binding and then he excluded me.I want to withdraw from the settlement although my attorney and the judge will say it is too late.I did not give my attorney permission to make decisions for me.I have read too many articles by this judge on settlements and too many others to know what he is telling me is wrong.I need to go on the record as soon as Monday telling him I have withdrawn from the settlement.What is the best way
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  J D Haas replied 8 years ago.
I do not recall telling you about a website. Are you sure that I worked with you on this question?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

This is what I received last nightHi ******************

I'm one of the Legal Experts on I just want to let you know that I agree with the answer you received from*******************. about your question "Please answer if you know the rules for a federal court settlement". If you haven't already had a chance to read that answer, you can click here to read it now.

Good luck,
J D Haas
Lawyer (JD)

So this morning I sent a copy of the first transcript and the attorney settlement which I dont think is final or valid particuarlly when I was at the podium the first time I saw it.I asked Just Answer if the could see if you could give me advise regarding the documents and they told me to fax it to them and they would send them to you.I will pay you whatever think is fair.I sent the Judge a letter today telling him I m withdrawing from the settlement.I dont know what he will say.I just need to know what my legal rights are this is a pre heatring settlement.I did not give authorization to my attorney to settle for me yet the judge had two conferences without me.It appears they are trying to force me to settle and violating my rights

Expert:  J D Haas replied 8 years ago.
I can review this document, but what you ask is fairly complex and expensive. Someone from JustAnswer will probably be contacting you. Thanks. *****
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Just answer did not answer.If it is O.K. I can give you the approval if you let me know the cost
Expert:  J D Haas replied 8 years ago.
I am sorry. It is not possible for me to do what you want accomplished on JustAnswer. Best wishes. J D Haas
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

You reason is reasonable.At this point I would like to see how my meeting with my attorneys goes tomorrow.I am a beneficiary of an insurance trust.My mother became incapacitated.Three people took control of her trust by forcing her brother,trustee of 20 years off.The attorney one of the partners drafter a resignation/appointment/acceptance document.The new trust had no idea and his signature was forged.Later he was told.He went to the bank and medallion stamped his signature three times,one for each document containing his name as trustee on the first page.Someone else then discarded it and replaced it with my uncles name as that account my uncle had not resigned from.$420,000 was withdrawn and without my knowledge my signature was forged and 1/3 was put into that account six months later I found out and tried to put it back but the account had been closed.I convinced the insurance company to file an interpleader.

Our meeting was three weeks ago.I was willing to release the person who was acting as trustee as he was innocent.The judge immediately took us on the record.No meeting with my attorneys.It was difficult from someone reading to know exactly what was said.This was 10/15.I received the oppositions draft the next day and let my attorneys know the settlement was off.10/28 I receive the court transcript.In my opinion it releases not only the trustee but the three guilty parties.The judge would not let me tell him the story just the release,payout and sharing attorney fees.Between 10/15 and 10/28 there was not a day that went by that I did not tell my attorneys I wanted out.

10/19 another hearing but it is only on the record.I try to talk to the Judge but he said to talk to my attorney but the transcript from 10/15 was final and binding.They hand me some papers at the podium to sign and initial.I had never seen them before or discussed them with my attorneys.They were they were called called settlement agreement and release prepared by the other attorneys with one paragraph scratched out.This would be devastating to my case.I sent the judge a letter yesterday.I was excluded from the meetings was forced in two meetings to sign something or put it one the record without review or consultation.

I need to know my rights.What to demand of my attorneys.There was never a meeting of the minds.I was not compelled to do anything I was the beneficiary of a trust with three years to sue the trustee.All my rights as a settlement agreement were taken.
I will pay $50.00 for this answer if that is agreeable with you.

Expert:  J D Haas replied 8 years ago.
I am sorry. I cannot provide the service that you desire for a number of reasons--1) I am not licensed in IL; 2) I would be interfering in the attorney/client relationship that you have with other attorneys; and 3) I do not have access to all of the documents in the litigation. Meet with your lawyers before any hearing and have your concerns written on paper. Make your attorneys (who work for you and who are paid by you) answer your questions.

I hope that I have helped you, answered all of your questions,
and that I have provided you with useful information.
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