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can an insurance company ( workers comp)refuse to allow patient

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can an insurance company ( workers comp)refuse to allow patient to change the agency where he is recieving attendent care even if client feels that by staying they are medically compromised or if they feel agency is not ethical?
No the insurance company can not make the decision. However, they are allowed to restrict who they will pay for services provided. If you go to a provider out of the regular network of providers then you may be responsible for part or all of the payment.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Both staffing companies are not under contract with workers comp. both providers are out of the regular network. I am discussed with the gorilla tactics that the company I am with uses. I have tried to talk to the insurance company however I get the run around and to make it even more frustraiting I get different answers as to why I can't move agencies. The agency I want to move to has complyed to SCF's request still they won't listen. I am afraid that if I complain both the workers comp and staffing company will make it harder to recieve the care that I need. I have spoken to others with the same concerns. Just because I am in a wheelchair doesn't mean I'm stupid. That is how I am treated along with my family



<p>You need to reach out to a local disability organization that can speak on your behalf as a liason or representative for those with disabilities. If you're not aware of any or believe that would not help then you need to get in touch with a local disability attorney to speak on your behalf. If you're not familiar with an attorney in your area then contact your local attorney bar association to get a listing of disability attorney's in your area that can assist you.</p><p>Good luck and I wish you as well as your family the best.</p>
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