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A neighbor out of vengence deliberately hit and killed my Yorkie,

Customer Question

A neighbor out of vengence deliberately hit and killed my Yorkie, the dog had gotten out of the fence and was about 12 inches from my mail box when he was killed. Two other neighbors saw her excelerate the vehicle and aim to kill my dog, but the police told me that because there is a leash law there is nothing I can do. The dog was technically not on my property and was in the street in the city of Ormond Beach, FL. Recently the lady had taken my friends son to court who is 11 becasue he chased the boy with a tree branch. She came to my home irate because my son was with them but was not involved. She is retaliating obviously because people were laughing at her. Is there anything I can do, legally. Can I stage a peaceful protest outside of her home?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  J D Haas replied 8 years ago.
You might be able to sue her if you can prove that she intentionally killed your dog. That would be a very hard case to win; for, if she said that she did not intend to hit your dog, how will you prove that she did have intent?

You can stage a peaceful protest as long as you are not trespassing. I am sorry, but those are the options that I see. Best wishes.

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