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my husband was injured at home depot today, one of the carts

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my husband was injured at home depot today, one of the carts used for hauling lumber and heavy supplies ran up on the back of his calf and he received two very deep wounds that required a total of seventeen stitches,   my husband   went with the person who is someone we know to get the supplies for a fence. my husband started out the door with one cart, son of the friend who is approximately 8 years was pushing the second cart from behind which was carrying about 12, 80lb bags of cement, my husbands cart got stuck on the track between the doors and the boy could not stop the heavy cart in time which ran up on my husbands leg, he received two 3-4 inch gashes on the backside of his calve, some attendees came and asked if he wanted to make out an accident report, he was in shock to see his leg so badly open and meat haging out,all he wanted to do was get to the hospital ,he is diabetic and rheumatoid arth. management gave me an 800 no. to get a claim no. they dealt with the store.

He can claim that the track which hung his cart was defective, thereby placing him in danger, which ultimately resulted in his injuries.


My suggestion is to speak to an attorney the first of next week about the incident before you file a claim with Home Depot. You want to make sure it is done right and in a way that will hopefully allow you to recover at least his medical expenses from the incident.


The only factor cutting against you is that the injury was partly caused by a non-employee, the 8 year old kid. If a Home Depot employee crashed the cart into him, he'd have an even better case.


Nevertheless, I think it is worth speaking with an attorney and filing a claim once you get your facts and information straight.

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