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Thank You! Your response is greatly appreciated. I will be

Customer Question

Thank You! Your response is greatly appreciated. I will be glad to pay for further assistance providing certain info is atained. Are you against the bailout? If so, why? & assuming You are, I have further questions reguarding the initial questions asked. If you watch the following interviews:

Video of Rep. Daptur

Video of Rep. Sherman

Video of Rep. Burgess

you may understand why I asked the initial questions. I have a full understanding of how corrupt those in power of our Gov't are. I'm crazy because I believe their agenda can be stopped. When watching Rep. Daptur speak of these congressional committees high-jacking our our Representative system, I cant help but think that there must be some way for the current "liberty movement" or "Revolution" to fight back using the very system set up for American Citizens' protection, against those using it for their own disgusting, perverted, cancerous agendas. If you are not on the same page as me, I'm sure you have some freinds that openly speak of the criminality of the privately owned central banking system, the illegality of the Fed. Reserve, & the predictable results of a debt based monetary system. There has got to be someone that knows how to use the representative powers of the people, via their elected congressmen & women, to perhaps form some congressional committee opossing the largest power grab the word has ever faced in recorded history. Yes, I understand the bailout is passed, but I would also be the first to tell you: It can be stoped & overturned!

I look forward to your response.

Thank You,

Jeremy Payne


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Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Hammer O'Justice replied 8 years ago.

I personally am against the bailout. I don't feel that taxpayer money should be used to rescue corporations who have reaped the benefits of years of deregulation but behaved in a completely irresponsible manner. The crash was really not as surprising as some people think. Financial companies and banks have falsely inflated their values for years by overextending themselves and making poor business decisions (i.e. offering mortgages far beyond what people can afford). Eventually the bottom was going to fall out, but as long as the CEOs were taking home their ridiculous paychecks, they didn't care what was going to happen in the future of the company. I don't believe that taxpayers should have to shoulder the burden for the government's lack of oversight and the corporations' greed. Especially since the bailout really is only benefiting wealthy Americans, since most Americans' bank account dollar amount falls within the amount that is insured by law.


That being said, I do not share your optimism that Americans can use Congress and the committee system to bring about change in Washington. Those same Congressmen are the ones who have been taking money from the companies who have opposed regulation all these years and have been profiting along with the companies. As long as special interests and lobbyists are allowed to give money to our elected representatives, our elected representatives will continue to represent the industries, not us.


But that's just my opinion.