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I signed 1 yr lease in VA 7/7/08 to 7/6/08. My home in SC

Resolved Question:

I signed 1 yr lease in VA 7/7/08 to 7/6/08. My home in SC was in contract. Arrived in TH in VA, then home in SC did not sell. I was trying to pay both rent ($2150) and my mortgage ($1050) at same time. At end of August, I reported to landlord that I was unable to cont paying mortgage and rent, and I resigned job in VA per distress paying 2 homes and utilities, and decided to go back to SC to pay my mortgage to avoid forclosure. I gave landlord notice end of Augustthat I needed to move back home. In lease it stated that "if given notice end of month that lease termination would be effective October 1. He stated he would let me out if I found new tenant. I found new tenant and he accepted new deposit and new one year lease. Now he advised me that he was charging me rent til 10/8 because new tenant move in is 10/9. I have moved out 100% on 9/10. He now wants full access to TH to clean, and wants me to pay rent thru 10/8 and pay all utilities. Is this wrong to charge me ?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  ctlawyer replied 8 years ago.
I am sorry to hear fo your situation. Usually if there is a one year lease (I think you meant 7/7/08 to 7/6/09) then you are responsible for the entire lease term, meaning that the landlord does not have to let you out early. Here the landlord has agreed to let you out as long as you found new tenant, which you did. The LL is really just trying to make it even for him it sounds to me, so that ny he allowing you out and someone else in ,which he did not have to do, he does not suffer loss from that. All except the nail holes, that sounds like normal wear and tear to me, usually they are so small no one even sees them.
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