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Can they Missouri family services continued to make accusations

Resolved Question:

Can they Missouri family services continued to make accusations against me for child sexual abuse, though I was never convicted of it. I was only convicted of endangering the welfare of a child or pertaining to give him a swirly. I was given two years probation and told to have psychiatric evaluation. They though continue to hound me and our wrasse me, as they claim they have sufficient proof that I am a child molester is this not double jeopardy?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Marcus Parker replied 9 years ago.
Double jeopardy only pertains to protect you from twice being charged with the same alleged criminal act. You were acquitted of this criminal charge, so they cannot again seek to convict you of a crime in connection with that particular event. However they can continue to allege that you did it, in the context of some other, non-criminal, matter.
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