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I had guardianship of a minor child who I am not biolobically

Resolved Question:

I had guardianship of a minor child who I am not biolobically related to and the biological mother vacated the order. The judge odered that the child was to be able to take her gameboy and nintendo ds both of which I had no issue with I returned all of her belongings that I purchased because for the two years I had this child her mother paid nor bought absolutely nothing When we went to court the monor child had a bag of personal belongings including her gameboy yet even after returning all of these items I am being petitioned by the mother to court again She is stating I refuse to return this childs personal belongings on top of this I have to travel 100 miles one way to go to court I lose a days pay and also have to pay for the cost of gas She l ives 10 minutes form the court house so filing for her is easy and costs her nothing I need to know what I can do to not only stop this but prove she is being malicous I have a signed paper from her that she picked up all of the belongins
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Roger replied 8 years ago.

If you've been called to court, you'll have to go. However, you should have all evidence that you've given the child all of her possessions and that the mother is doing this simply to harass you. You can ask the court to award you costs (travel expenses, lost work pay, etc) of having to come and defend this frivolous action.


You certainly want to have the document she signed. Also, have the girl testify that you've turned over all of her things.


Unfortunately, I think you need to go to court. However, you should ask for costs and expenses associated with the hearing as she is doing this to cause you trouble without just cause.

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