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I was living in Georgia and was charged with a DUI in 2004.

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I was living in Georgia and was charged with a DUI in 2004. I got married and moved to Maryland in early 2005. Shortly after moving to Maryland I was charged with another DUI. This DUI was sent back to Georgia DMV because at the time of arrest I had not yet switched my driver''s license over to Maryland. Between the arrest and going to court I had switched my license over to Maryland. After conviction Georgia suspended my license and put me on a national restricted list where I can''t renew my Maryland license until the issue is resolved in Georgia. Under Georgia law 40-8-111(a)(1) I am required to undergo an Ignition Interlock program in Georgia. This is impossible for me to do as I live in Maryland with my family. There is an exception for the court to enter a financial hardship letter for exemption from the program. I have tried to get this letter from the Maryland court but have been unsuccessful because they say that it has nothing to do with the Maryland judicial system. I have spoken with numerous attorneys and no one seems to have heard of anything like this before and no one seems to know what to do. I have completed all other requirements from the Georgia DMV except the Ignition Interlock Program. My current license status in Maryland is "Valid". Once Georgia releases the hold on my license, I can renew my Maryland License. What can I do?
Have you looked at participating in a similar program in MD (I think all states have an ignition lock program)
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Philip Simmons's Post: Yes, however Georgia DMV will only accept completion of the program in their own state. In other words, it has to be done in the state of Georgia or I must somehow get an exemption letter.
Yes, that sounds like typical bureaucracy

You need to get an official within the Georgia DMV to step out of the box for a moment and address this. When someone with decision making authority realizes that you are caught in the bureaucracy, I suspect they will assist. Contact with that official with you in MD and him or her in Georgia is your problem

I suspect the phone would be the first step though it seems you may have exhausted that. To the extent you have not make sure you document future calls.

I would next try letter, certified to head of DMV explaining the circumstances, WHOM you have spoken to so far, and when and a request for assistance. Key is for the letter to be concise, non-confrontational request for advice on how to meet the Georgia requirement given your circumstances.

If this is not answered I would resend and cc your representative in congress.

If this don't work you may need to hire counsel or take a trip to Georgia

Sorry your stuck in the machine and best of luck

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Philip Simmons's Post: Do you know who I should contact? Who is the head of the Georgia DMV or phone number?

1-877-835-5337 will get you the main switchboard...I suspect will take some sweet talking on your part (hopefully you have not lost that southern charm yet).

Head is Commissioner Greg Dozier

From his website (emphisis added)

We are far from finished. I promise that DDS will continue to find new and innovative ways to provide excellent customer service in the most efficient and convenient way possible. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to serving you.

Sincerely, XXXXX

Board of Driver Services


To continuously be the most customer-focused, results-driven, best managed organization by instilling values and demonstrating that "We C.A.R.E." while ensuring public trust and safeguarding the integrity of our services.
Values - "We C.A.R.E."
Communication - Provide information in a consistent, courteous manner.
Accountability - Empower employees and measure our performance.
Respect - Listen attentively and assist customers in a timely and professional manner.
Ethics - Demonstrate integrity and honesty in our actions and decisions.

Contact Information:
Department of Driver Services
Post Office Box 80447
2206 Eastview Parkway
Conyers, Georgia 30013

Office:(NNN) NNN-NNNNbr />

You may want to mention this in your letter (in a subtle way of course)

Let me know if you have more questions else please hit the green button

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